Flying High Together

Newsletter 8th September 2021

Welcome back…

…to all our families we hope you have all enjoyed the summer holidays together. In school we have been working hard to make sure school was ready for the children to return. We have had new carpets fitted this summer which look fabulous. Thank you to the Roberts’ family, Paul Roberts Carpets and Mr Thomas for making this happen!

Covid restrictions for primary schools have been relaxed over the summer term and this has meant that school is finally beginning to feel ‘back to normal’. We are looking forward to an exciting term in school. Attached to this newsletter is a copy of the dates for your diary. Please keep these safe!

Thank you all for your continued support.

Mrs D Edwards – Headteacher

Water bottles

Just a reminder that children are invited to bring still, plain water to school in their water bottles. This is for a number of reasons but is primarily to support good oral health including healthy teeth. Thank you for supporting the school by providing water for your child. This is much appreciated.


Thank you for supporting our recent changes to the school gates, please be assured this is to keep all our children safe.

The car park gates will now be closed from 8.30am to 3.30pm to vehicles. Pedestrian access to the school remains and parents are welcome to park their cars on the far side of the school car park.

This change is for a number of reasons, there have been a number of bumps and scrapes to cars parked in the car park recently and most importantly it is for the safety of our children so they are not walking across a car park with cars that are manoeuvring. Thank you for respecting this decision and supporting the school to keep all our children safe.

School dinners

From Monday we will be making changes to our school meals system. This will mean children can order their chosen meal at the start of each school day. 

They will be able to choose either of the hot meals from the menu, a jacket potato, a school packed lunch or if they would prefer on that day they can bring their own packed lunch  (this is now flexible so they may for example have a dinner for 4 days and only a packed lunch on 1 day).

I have attached to this newsletter a menu for you to share with your child. The teachers will remind the children of the food options as they arrive in the morning.

School website

I am delighted to share with you that we have a brand new school website. It would be fantastic if you could take the time to have a look at the new website. I am hoping this will be easier for parents to navigate and find relevant information. The web address is


Before the summer we applied for a £10,000 grant to transform our school library. In the summer we were awarded £5000 by the Arch Bishop of Holgate Trust which we were delighted to receive.

However, this has left us short of our £10,000 estimate for the work to be completed.

I will be speaking to the PTA to see if they would be able to support our fundraising and help us raise funds towards the renovation. I was also hoping to put a plea out to any local businesses or firms who offer grants to support community projects like ours.

If you know of any businesses who may be interested in supporting us or if you work for a company who perhaps offer support to projects in schools please let me know! Hopefully we can get started soon and have a really special space with lots of books for our children, and those who will come through our school in years to come to enjoy.

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